The API url is The script returns a JSON response for every handled request.

The parameters can be passed by POST or GET requests. This documention will use GET requests as example.


There is three supported modes : keygen, cd-key, passphrase, and random. Just specify the mode with the "mode" parameter. Additional supported parameters can be added to the request.

  • ?mode=keygen — Generate a random keygen
    Default parameters :
    • numeric — Allow numeric characters (boolean, default: true) (alias num)
    • lowercase — Allow lowercase characters (boolean, default: true) (alias low)
    • uppercase — Allow uppercase characters (boolean, default: true) (alias upp)
    • special — Allow special characters (boolean, default: false) (alias spe)
    • length — Set the generated key length (number, default: 12) (alias len)
    • redundancy — Allow characters to appear multiple times (boolean, default: true) (alias red)

  • ?mode=cd-key — Generate a random keygen
    Default parameters :
    • Same basic parameters as the "keygen" mode, plus...
    • blocks — Set the number of blocks (number)

  • ?mode=passphrase — Generate a random keygen
    [ Not supported yet. ]

  • ?mode=random — Generate a random keygen
    Default parameters :
    • minimum — Minimum value (number) (alias min)
    • maximum — Maximum value (number) (alias max)
    Note: The minimum and maximum values are included.